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Randstad Award winners

2014 Global Randstad Award winners

And the winner of 2014 is: BMW

Out of the Global Top 50 companies, BMW is recognized as the most attractive employer. 61% of the respondents worldwide would like to work for BMW. The company scores #1 in the categories ‘competitive salary & employee benefits’, ‘pleasant working atmosphere’ and ‘strong management’.  

Ranking of the top 5
1. BMW
2. Sony
3. Samsung
4. GE
5. Coca-Cola

Competitive salary & employee benefits #1
The Global Randstad Award reveals interesting insights into the perception of potential employees. A remarkable shift has occurred. ‘Long-term job security’, value #1 in insecure times, has lost its top position to ‘competitive salary & employee benefits’. The strong scores for ‘pleasant working atmosphere’, ‘good work-life balance’ and ‘interesting job content’ underline the multiple dimensions in making an employer attractive and that money is rarely enough to make people want to work for an organization. 

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Visit the global site to view the interview video with the runner-up Sony, as well as quotes from them and from the second runner-up, Samsung. 

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