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about the Randstad Award

Randstad Award 2016 keynote speaker

Jeremy Blain
Managing Partner, Cegos Group

Jeremy Blain is a Managing Partner of Cegos Group, one of the world’s largest professional skills training companies operating today, and Regional Managing Director of Cegos Asia Pacific, where he heads up the Cegos operations and activities from the company’s Singapore hub, covering India in the West to the Pacific countries in the East.

Jeremy steered Cegos Asia Pacific in its most industry recognised year in 2015, garnering eight separate awards locally and regionally for contributions to human resources, learning and development, and organisational digital transformation across Asia-Pacific.

Jeremy is a Fellow of The Institute of Directors, London. He holds a Masters of Management in International Business from the Australian Institute of Business and a BA (hons) from Sheffield University, UK.

Jeremy has a wealth of international experience, being previously responsible for Cegos’ strategy for international expansion through a value-adding global distribution partners network, and before that as Managing Director of Cegos UK.

A commercially minded, award-winning L&D entrepreneur, Jeremy has 14 years’ experience in the industry as a managing director, partner, trainer, coach, author and programme creator. In previous roles at Procter and Gamble, PepsiCo and as Managing Partner of his own point-of-sale software business, Jeremy’s roles have included marketing, sales, operations, Executive Board duties and general management.

As one of Cegos’ senior executives, Jeremy is a frequent international conference speaker and media commentator on topics related to the global L&D market. Themes include: the leadership and management challenges for global organisations as they head to the next workplace shift in the 2020s, the integration of emerging and informal learning technologies; the importance of performance measurement and proving ROI; developing core commercial skills to achieve competitive business advantage; and more.

As a result of his work in the field of training and development, Jeremy has been recognised by Stanford Who’s Who since 2013. In their words, “Jeremy has consistently demonstrated the dedication, vision and skills required to be considered among the best”.

Jeremy has also published a series of over 20 industry white papers on issues relevant to L&D, the future of work and more. Click here to find out more.

keynote Topic for the Randstad Award
In his keynote presentation, Jeremy will share about what the future of work will look like as we head into the 2020s, what is making the difference and the actions we need to take now to be prepared for the change.

Jeremy believes that HR, learning and business leaders should expect some seriously dramatic business changes over the next ten years. He will discuss issues that will essentially shape the world of work in the next decade – e.g. Generation Z entering the workplace; the ageing populations of Asia; the rise of technology and digitisation disrupting work and learning just to name a few. Organisations looking to differentiate themselves and attract the best talent should be prepared for the perfect storm of these impending changes coming together.

about Cegos Group
Cegos, Europe’s largest training organisation, is one of the major international players across the Asia-Pacific region, based at its regional HQ in Singapore, and with operations in China and Hong Kong. A network of region-wide Most Valued Partners ensures Cegos can support client learning and development anywhere, in any language, consistently and with a truly “Think Global, Learn Local” approach.

Cegos provide a multi-mode approach to training and development through delivery mechanisms ranging from all forms of face-to-face development, to blended learning as is core focus, and eLearning. The content for all delivery methods comes off the shelf (ready-made) across a range of  professional and personal development topics for managers and their teams, can be customised to suit a client’s environment or can be 100% tailor-made – built to exacting client specifications.

The Cegos Group was founded in 1926 in France, and is one of the world leaders in professional training for managers and their teams, developing over 250,000 managers internationally each year, with a turnover of over USD 250 million per annum.

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